What can disturb my Wi-Fi measurement?

Multiple factors can influence the number of missing samples.

SAGA can measure using Wi-Fi. This makes it possible to separate the Data Recorder (DR) and Docking Station (DS), which gives the opportunity to move more freely during data acquisition. Read more about considerations for wireless recordings in this whitepaper.

In an ideal environment, TMSi expects SAGA to maintain a stable level of communication within a range of 10 meters. However, depending on the environment, there may be some loss of data even when the DR is less than 10 meters apart from the DS. There can be multiple factors influencing the environment, for example:

  1. There is an object/person between the DS and the DR.
  2. There are too many Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices in the same environment.
  3. There may be too many devices on the same Wi-Fi channel as SAGA.

It is important to note that the SAGA has an internal memory that can be used to recover any missing samples after completing the recording. If it is important not to have too many missing samples during the live measurement,  please use the abovementioned factors to improve the Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, the fiber optics cable might be a better solution. This cable connects the DR and DS and has a range of 10 meters and will guarantee no data is lost.


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