How can I clean the Textile HD-EMG Grids when reusing them?

You can remove the additional adhesive and clean the grids with water.

In case of reuse, the electrodes of Textile HD-EMG Grids can be cleaned using water. For example, the grids can be cleaned under the sink using running water, while making sure that the original (pre-applied) adhesive is not removed. Gently wash the electrode surfaces by rubbing it with your fingers to make sure all gel is removed. Please make sure no water reaches the connector part of the grid. After washing the grid, dry it with a clean cloth.

When cleaning a grid so that it can be reused, it is useful to read this knowledge base article explaining how to reuse the grids. Importantly, only ever remove the additional adhesives that were applied by the user. The original pre-applied adhesive must remain on the grid to prevent damage to the grid.


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