Can I reuse Textile HD-EMG Grids?

Yes, you can reuse the Textile HD-EMG Grids.

Textile HD-EMG Grids can be reused a few times. Reusing is possible by placing an additional double-sided adhesive on the grid. In case of reuse, please follow the instructions below:

  • After first use, let the pre-applied (original) adhesive remain on the grid.
  • Clean the textile grid. Read how to clean the grid in this knowledge base article.
  • Dry the textile grid using a clean cloth.
  • Attach a double-sided adhesive that matches your textile grid.


We recommend preparing the grid for reuse with the abovementioned steps as soon as possible after having used the grid, to ensure easy cleaning and prevent deterioration of the electrode surface.

We advise storing the Textile HD-EMG Grid in a dark and dry place after each use. The number of times you can reuse the textile grids depends on usersโ€™ experience with preparation of the grids and whether all instructions were followed properly.


Never try to remove the pre-applied (original) adhesive. This may damage the textile grid, which subsequently results in having interrupted electrode traces. For reuse, it is only required to remove the additional double-sided adhesive(s) that the user applied.


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