What can I do if APEX is not found on PC?

There are multiple steps that can you can take if you cannot connect to APEX directly.

It could occur that APEX is not recognized directly by the PC. There are multiple options why this problem occurs. Please check if your system is compatible. If your system meets the requirements, TMSi advises to try the following actions.

Try a different USB port

If APEX is connected to the PC via USB, changing the USB port could be a solution to the problem. Please try connecting through different USB ports on the PC.  

Pair the dongle to APEX

When connecting to APEX via Bluetooth, the dongle must be paired to the specific device. If the dongle and APEX are not paired, the PC will not connect to APEX automatically. Pairing the dongle can be done in the APEX User App by clicking 'Record via Bluetooth' > 'Choose Device' > 'Pair'. Click on the marker button when the PC LED of APEX turns blue. After pairing, the connection between the PC and APEX should be established automatically.

Re-install the driver

If the above solutions do not work, try to re-install the driver on the PC. First, uninstall the current driver via 'Add or remove programs' in Windows and search for 'TMSi APEX Device Drivers'. After de-installation, please download the APEX driver here. Install the downloaded driver and try connecting to APEX again. Please make sure to de-attach the USB cable connected to APEX from the PC during the re-installation process.

Reset APEX to factory settings

If none of the above works, please try the example script in Python 'example_factory_defaults.py' for APEX to reset APEX to factory settings. Please follow the instructions on the screen to ensure a proper reset. 


If none of the above steps make a difference, please contact support@tmsi.com and provide the serial number of your device in your inquiry.


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