What are the different Textile HD-EMG grid configurations?

TMSi's Textile HD-EMG grids come in a 32-channel and 64-channel option, with two different configurations and sizes for the 64-channel option.

The textile grids come in two options: a 32-channel and a 64-channel configuration. The 32-channel grids have a topology of 4 electrodes by 8 electrodes. The 64-channel configuration comes with two options: a topology of 8 by 8, or a topology of 6 by 11 electrodes. Both configurations are displayed in Figure 1.

Both configurations come in a small and a large variant, where the inter-electrode distance is 8.75 mm for the large grids with an electrode diameter of 4 mm. The small grids have an inter-electrode distance of 4 mm and an electrode diameter of 2 mm. Large grids can be used for covering large muscles on the back, arms, or legs. The small grids can be used to cover small muscles on the face, hand, and foot.


The 64-channel grids have been designed to be cut in the middle with scissors to make two 32-channel grids. These 32-channel grids are completely functional.

All 4 grids brighter and brushed small

Figure 1: Topological overview of 64-channel textile grids. Right: 8-8 topology grids, small and large option. Left: 6-11 topology grids, small and large option.


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