Using APEX's headcap connection warning mechanism

Become warned of a bad quality headcap connection with APEX's physical user interface.

The second LED of APEX's physical user interface can be used as a warning mechanism for the quality of the headcap connection. In the user application, the user can set a warning threshold for the impedance values of the electrodes. APEX actively checks the impedances of the headcap against this user defined threshold and gives a warning when the impedances cross it.

The LEDs have the following meaning:

  • OFF: No information available on the connection quality of the headcap.
  • GREEN (solid): All headcap channels are within acceptable quality criteria.
  • ORANGE (solid): Channel(s) that cross(es) a user-configured warning threshold. Please review signal quality and assess whether this is acceptable. If not, pay attention to the preparation of the measurement setup.
  • ORANGE (blinking @ 2 Hz): All channels are disconnected, only overflow values are measured.


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