How long does the battery of APEX last?

This article gives you information on the battery life of the APEX, and how to charge the APEX.

APEX has an acquisition duration of ~4 hours while solely powered from its internal power source. This means that APEX is capable of measuring for 4 hours when performing a SD card measurement or when recording via Bluetooth.

When the battery charge is lower than a certain level (20% of charge left), the power indicator LED of the device becomes orange. When the battery charge is below 10%, the LED blinks orange to indicate that it is time to charge.

Charging the battery is possible during data acquisition. APEX can be charged using a USB cable or a portable power supply (such as a certified power bank). For example, with a powerbank of 3.000 mAh (3.7 V) and a fully charged APEX, the acquisition duration can be extended to ~14 hours. It is not recommended to charge APEX using a charger connected to a mains power outlet during recording.


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