How do I synchronize SAGA with external devices?

You can synchronize SAGA with external devices via different interfaces.

Synchronization Interface

SAGA can be synchronized with an external device in different ways. One way is to send triggers to the DIGI input of SAGA. The logic output appears on bit 5 of the STATUS channel.

Another way is via the SYNC OUT of SAGA. By default, the SYNC OUT is configured in ‘Event Marker’ mode, meaning that a synchronization pulse is sent out each time the Event marker button on SAGA is pressed. Alternatively, SYNC OUT can be configured as a clocked pulse via the application software interface. In this mode the ‘Synchronization Out’ bit of the STATUS channel reflects the output status of the SYNC OUT signal. The clocked pulse of the SYNC OUT port will always remain exactly in phase with the measurement data, therefore this pulse is suitable to achieve sample precise synchronization.

The SYNC OUT port requires a synchronization out cable which can be ordered via

Trigger Interface

The trigger interface also features a single trigger output that can be configured to output a clock signal for triggering external equipment. This clock signal is configured via the application software interface by the same settings as used for the SYNC OUT signal of the Data Recorder. Note that this clock signal is not sample synchronous to the measurement data; the clock is generated completely independently and care should be taken when using it for synchronization. Note that when SYNC OUT is in marker mode this output will not be active. The trigger interface is accessible via the Trigger connector on the SAGA Docking Station. It allows to acquire up to 16 digital input signals on the TRIGGER channel of SAGA.

Contact for details concerning the Trigger connector.


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