How can I measure with APEX?

It is possible to measure with APEX in three different ways: Stationary, via Bluetooth or on-Card.

There are three options to measure with APEX, that are explained one by one in this article.

Stationary Measurements

During stationary measurements, APEX and the data acquisition PC are at a fixed place. APEX can be connected to the PC via USB or via Bluetooth. When using the USB connection, this setup gives maximum data throughput, has the most reliable data transmission and APEX is charging during use. However, subjects have a limited freedom of movement.

Portable Bluetooth Measurement

This scenario is optimal when freedom of movement is required. APEX sends acquired data wirelessly via Bluetooth to the PC by using the Bluetooth dongle. This gives the opportunity to the researcher to view the incoming data on the PC. However, interference in the wireless connection may occur. Please note that successful wireless data transmission can never be guaranteed. A reduced amount of data is transmitted to the PC. Transmitted data is down sampled to half of the selected sampling frequency. Full recordings on the originally selected sample rate can be retrieved from the on-body memory. 

On-Card Measurement

During on-card measurements APEX is used as a datalogger without streaming the data. This setting is often used when it is not necessary to process or monitor the incoming data during recording. It is possible to start the measurement with the 'REC' button on APEX, or to set a predefined start and stop time via the PC. Data can be retrieved from the on-body memory via the PC.


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