How can I mark events with APEX?

During data acquisition, it is possible to mark events in the data with the Event Marker button or via the Trigger Port.

APEX is equipped with an Event Marker button which can be pressed by the user when an event happens during data acquisition. Marker events are sampled synchronously to the other data. The marker events are saved in the STATUS channel (bit 0). When the STATUS channel signal is 1, the Event Marker button is pressed. Otherwise, the STATUS channel reads 0.

Alternatively, it is possible to send 4 bit triggers via the DIGI cable to APEX. The trigger input is low-voltage TTL compatible and electrically isolated from the subject. Aside from logging events in the data stream, it is also possible to receive synchronization events from external hardware. Trigger events are logged in the STATUS channel (Bit 1 to 4). Read this article for more information about the input range of the triggers.


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