How can I activate my Polybench License?

The Polybench license can be easily activated multiple times using the license file that is included in the client package.

To use Polybench, it is required that the application is activated with a valid license. The Polybench license can be found in the client package that is provided with the amplifier. This license can be activated several times on different PCs. During the installation of Polybench, the following window will pop-up.

Select 'Next' to continue to the next page.

To select the license file, please press 'Find license...' and continue to the next step.

Search for the license (.plic) file and select it. Afterwards, open the file by pressing 'Open'.

To continue the activation, an activation code is required. This can be obtained via this link.


The link that is provided in the window is expired. Therefore, please use the provided link in this knowledge base article. 

To obtain the activation code, both the license number and installation code should be copied from the window to the web browser. After clicking submit, the activation code will be shown.

Copy and paste the activation code in the window and press 'ACTIVATE' to activate the Polybench license.

The license is now successfully activated. Select 'Exit' to close the window and finish the installation. 



If your license is expired, please contact for a new license file and state the serial number of your amplifier.



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